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The 100th day of school is quickly approaching! Every year, we would invite parents into the classroom and our five first-grade teachers rotated activities for an entire day to ensure their students had fun while also learning in Reading/Phonics, Writing, Math, and Science. From classic favorites like writing about what they would do if they had $100 to creating a self-portrait of themselves when they are 100 years old. I have some new fun-filled activities to make this milestone memorable for all these young learners!

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1. 100th Day Directed Drawing

    How fun is drawing a grandma or a grandpa for 100’s day? Guide your students with a directed drawing to create the perfect portrait of either grandma or grandpa. Team up with another teacher and let students decide who they want to draw- one teacher takes the students who want to draw grandma and the other takes the students who want to draw grandpa.


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      2. 100th Day of School Games

      It’s time to get the party started – it’s the 100th Day of school! Celebrate your students’ learning journey so far with some classic and familiar games that are sure to be a hit. Get ready for Memory, Snakes & Ladders (yes Chutes too!), Don’t Be Late For The 100th Day (yep, just like Candyland), Go Fish!, plus BUMP – an exciting game full of twists and turns! Let the fun begin!

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      3. No-Prep 100th Day STEM

      Unleash your students’ creativity on the 100th day of school with some fun STEM activities! Get them to use manipulatives such as pattern blocks, cubes, Legos, and more – all you need is 100 of each item that’s available in your classroom. Let their imagination run wild and see what exciting creations they make!

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      4. 100th Day of School STEM (Plan a 100th Day Party)

      Get your students’ imaginations going on this exciting celebration! To mark the 100th day of school, students will create their own unique party – from fun invitations to creative activities and posters, there are so many possibilities. Let them run wild with ideas as they plan an unforgettable event!

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      5. 100th Day of Addition and Subtraction Sequential Coloring

        On the 100th day of school, get creative in learning addition and subtraction! Let students color their way to an eye-catching masterpiece by solving math equations within 20. Make it a fun challenge with our interactive PowerPoint file guiding them every step of the way!

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        6. 100th Day of School Bulletin Board

          It’s time to celebrate! As we mark our 100th day of school, let’s take some time out to reflect on this incredible journey. What have we learned so far? How can that knowledge shape and guide us as the year progresses? Why not share your thoughts with a fun writing activity – make it part of an interactive bulletin board where everyone gets involved!

          7. 100th-Day Exercises Video

            Join us as we get active together by counting off in groups of ten while completing 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 leg lifts, and more all the way to 100. We hope you’re limbered up and ready – let’s hit that start button on this exciting brain break!

            8. 100th Day of School Glasses

              Celebrate the 100th day of school with an imaginative craft! Students will love creating glasses to commemorate this milestone – they can make them their own by decorating each lens in any way they choose, using colored pencils, markers, or fun 1/4-inch stickers!

              9. 100th Day Self-Portrait and Writing

                Our students are gearing up to look to the future when they are 100 years old! To help them visualize what life would be like at the ripe age of a century, we’ve busted out our time machine (aka Aging Booth App) and have cranked their ages all the way up. After printing out these remarkable portraits, they’ll be imagining themselves decades in the future as they write about themselves in the future.

                *The Aging Booth App transforms your student’s picture and ages them- and it’s free!

                10. 100th Day of School Ice Cream Craft

                  Celebrate the 100th day of school with a cool craft! Encourage your students to Count by 10s as they add delicious scoops to their two-foot-tall ice cream cone. Let them showcase how awesome math can be when you write numbers from 10 all the way up to 100 on each yummy scoop!

                  11. 100th Day Word Search FREEBIE

                  It’s the 100th day of school and we’ve got a special gift – an exciting word search! This terrific time-filler is perfect for sharpening those spelling skills, getting restless kids to settle into some center work, or giving super-fast finishers something else to do. Enjoy! Click the picture to get your FREE Word Search!


                  12. 100th Day Math Mystery

                  Who Stole the 100th Day Collection? On the 100th day of school, something strange happened – someone had stolen one of the student’s beloved 100th Day collection. First-grade students must use their math superpowers to solve four clues in order to uncover who was responsible for taking it!

                  13. 100th Day of School Crowns and Necklaces

                  A great way to start the day! Students can create a 100’s day crown (2 to choose from) or a necklace to wear for the day (4 to choose from).

                  14. 100th-Day Fruit Loop Necklace

                  Celebrate the 100th day of school in a sweet way – make your own colorful fruit loop necklace! With two fun worksheets to help you count, put together strands of 100 vibrant loops for an accessory that’ll be unique and tasty.


                  15. Race to 100 Math Game

                  Race your peers in an exciting contest to reach the magical number of 100! Challenge yourself and others for the ultimate math showdown. Who will roll to 100 first?


                  16. Heads or Tails?

                  Let the coin-flipping fun begin! Students will get to put their heads or tails skills to the test with a math game that lets them flip coins 100 times and see which result comes out on top. With this worksheet, students can find out if luck is truly in their favor when it comes down to those age-old flips of fate.


                  17. How Many Licks? Tootsie Pop

                  Is it possible to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop with just 100 licks? Find out for yourself and see if you can get your tongue to pull off this sugary feat!


                  18. 100 Seconds– How many of each activity can you do?

                  Put your body to the test and see how many jumping jacks, sit-ups, lunges, and more you can accomplish in 100 seconds! Make a prediction on how much ground you’ll be able to cover – then get moving. Once all is said and done, record your results on the worksheet for bragging rights later!


                  19. How Many Words Can You Write?

                  Ready, set, go! Put your writing skills to the test and see how many words you can juggle in just 100 seconds. Grab that recording sheet and start scribbling – beat the clock for a fun challenge of wits!


                  20. $100 Dollars Writing

                  If you suddenly had a hundred dollars in your pocket, what would YOU do with it? Let your imagination soar as you explore all the fun possibilities! Visualize yourself spending that $100 and draw a picture to go with the writing.

                  21. 100 Piece Puzzles

                  Challenge your students to work together and assemble giant, floor-sized puzzles with a twist – each puzzle contains exactly one hundred pieces. Triumphant cheers will be heard when the last piece is snapped into place – it’ll be an unforgettable success story!

                  22. 100th Day Cupcakes

                  Celebrate the 100th Day of school in style with a sweet treat! Have parents whip up delicious cupcakes or pick some from your favorite store. Then get creative and add two lifesaver gummies and a small piece of licorice for an extra bit of fun – resulting in one hundred smiles all around!

                  23. Set up a Photo Booth

                  Transform into a senior citizen with the perfect props for an exciting photo booth. Scour thrift stores and transform simple finds like clothes, jewelry, and accessories to bring granny chic fashion alive – it’s sure to be loads of fun!

                  24. 100th-Day Songs/Videos

                  Get ready to belt out some tunes and make 100’s Day a joyous celebration! I’ve tracked down the most awesome 100th-day-of-school songs on Youtube, so you can show off your skills and rock those lyrics with pride. Let’s get singing!

                  100’s Day of School Song

                  100 Days of School with Grandma and Grandpa (Jack Hartmann)

                  Jumping for 100 Seconds

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