The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit Sampler


We are teachers and we know how important reading is for children of all ages!  We want them to enjoy books and build a love for reading.  I have created a product that really gets kids involved in their learning and makes it FUN!  Today, I am sharing a freebie sampler with you from this product.  

The product is called The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit.  I would either spend TONS of time planning my Guided Reading Groups OR they would be the last thing I would think of and at the last minute I would throw a lesson together.  I wanted something that had lots of activities to choose from that were already pre made and easily accessible.  I wanted lesson plans that would tell me what I needed to teach to make it easy.  It took me awhile, but I created a product that has over 120 activities that are quick and engaging.  These lessons include Word Work, Reading Strategies, and Comprehension.  I keep all of these activities in a container so that I can easily find what I’m looking for.  

Here is what you will find in the SAMPLER pack freebie!

The first activity is a Reading Strategy Activity that can be used with any A or B leveled book (Fountas and Pinnell leveling system).  It is a simple one-to-one match activity.  This activity should only take a quick few minutes of your Guided Reading Lesson time.  The students point under the colors and say the name of the color while the teacher talks about how we only touch the dot one time and if the color is RED, then we have to say RED. We cannot say BLUE if the color is RED.  This is then related to reading.  The teacher uses the easy sight word sentences to have students match the words one-to-one.  The students cannot say THE if the word is MY for example.

The second activity is a Word Work Activity for any book leveled F-N.  It is an Inflectional Endings Activity (-ed, -ing).  Before reading the new book for the day (that should have some endings in it) the students will take turns spinning the spinners to make words with -ed and -ing endings.  I have the students write to words that were made onto their whiteboards.  Again, this is a quick but FUN and ENGAGING activity that the students love.

The third activity is a Comprehension Activity for any book leveled A-N.  The activity teaches about Character Traits.  The kids use the Character Cards to talk about the characters in the story after reading.  Depending on the level of students, you can use easier or more difficult traits to describe and discuss the characters.



  • Wow!! I just read your post and am amazed at how organized the guided reading lesson plans are!!! I just added it to my wish list but am hoping to win the bundle!! This would be such a benefit when I work with my reading groups during Daily 5!!!

  • Your Guided Reading Groups look awesome! They are highly critical thinking and cooperative group learning. Great job!


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