8 Fun Halloween Party Games for the Classroom

8 Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

8 Fun Halloween Party Games for the Classroom

Halloween Party Games – It’s that time of year again- time to start planning your! If you’re looking for some fun and festive games to play at your party, look no further! Here are 8 great Halloween party games to make sure your party is a spook-tacular success.

1. Pumpkin Toss – This game is similar to a bean bag toss, but with pumpkins! Decorate a few small pumpkins with faces and then set them up on a table. Give each student 3 throws to see how many they can get in. The student with the most pumpkin points at the end of the game wins!

2. Mummy Wrap – Divide the students into teams of two and give each team a roll of toilet paper. One student from each team will be the mummy and the other will be the wrapper. The goal is to wrap the mummy up using as much toilet paper as possible in 1 minute. The team with the most mummies wrapped at the end of the game wins!

Halloween Mummy Wrap Game Halloween Party Games

3. Ghost Bowling – This is a twist on traditional bowling. Instead of bowling pins, set up ghosts made out of white garbage bags filled with newspaper. You can decorate the ghosts with spooky faces or simply leave them plain. Set up the ghosts at the end of a hallway or gym and have students take turns trying to knock them down with a small ball. Keep score like traditional bowling and award prizes to the top 3 bowlers at the end of the game!

4. Spiderweb Hop – This is a simple yet fun game that kids always enjoy. Using painter’s tape, create a spiderweb on the floor (make sure it’s not too big or too small). Players will take turns hopping from one side of the web to the other without touching any of the lines. If they touch a line, they’re out! The last player standing wins!

5. BINGO– I always have Bingo ready to go for our party. You can play it in small groups or whole class. Pick up some candy corn to use as “markers” and the kids can eat them later. You can find this Halloween Bingo Game here.

Halloween Bingo Halloween Party Games

6. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin: This twist on a classic will have kids giggling in no time. You’ll need a large poster or piece of construction paper with a pumpkin face drawn on it, along with smaller paper noses (one for each child). To play, blindfold each child in turn and spin them around three times before allowing them to try and place their nose on the pumpkin. The child who gets the closest wins!

7. Pumpkin Toss: For this game, you’ll need small plastic pumpkins (one for each child) and laundry baskets or hula hoops (one for each team). Divide children into teams and give each team a basket or hula hoop. Children then take turns attempting to toss their pumpkins into their team’s basket from a few feet away. The team with the most successful tosses at the end of the allotted time period wins!

8. Monsters Under Your Bed: This game is similar to musical chairs – with a monster twist! To set up, put all the chairs in a circle facing outward and put some spooky music on (try looking up “Halloween songs for kids” on YouTube). When the music starts playing, all the kids walk around the chairs until suddenly it stops – at which point everyone tries to sit down in a chair as quickly as possible. Whoever is left without a seat is out…but gets to become the monster! The monster then stands behind an empty chair and roars when the music starts again ( scare anyone who sits down in that chair!). The last kid left sitting wins!

These are just a few ideas for games that you can play at your Halloween classroom party. Remember to keep things moving so that everyone stays engaged and has fun! Also, don’t forget to have some tasty treats on hand for when things start winding down. Thanks for reading and happy Halloween planning!

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