How to Plan a Guided Reading Lesson


Want to learn how to plan a guided reading lesson?  These simple tips will help to make sure your groups are fun and efficient!  Check them out!

I’m here to share with you today some quick tips for planning your guided reading lessons! Let’s make this short and sweet!

  1. Guided Reading Binder

Once you have your binder set up, it’s easy to take it out to start planning your groups! Keep a list of your groups and your plans in your binder and you will be able to plan each group in just a few minutes! I’ve got a FREE Binder for you! Check it out HERE!

This free guided reading binder will help you get organized!  Great for organizing groups and lesson plans.  Check it out!

  1. Select your Text

I use my notes from my groups to help me decide on a book that I want to use for my lesson. For example, if my students in Group A were having difficulty with rhyming words the last time we met, I will try to find a text with some rhyming in it that is at their instructional level. This will help to guide my instruction with word work.

  1. Word Work

I use my Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit to find my Word Work Activities. You can use any word work activities, but I love that everything is in one place and organized. For the example above, I would choose one of my rhyming activities.

The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit contains over 130 activities for your guided reading lessons. Activities are fun and interactive and planning has never been easier!  Check them out!

With online learning becoming very popular, I have been creating some Word Word Guided Reading BOOM decks– the kids love working with the BOOM cards! I have a FREE BOOM Deck for you to check out! To learn more about BOOM cards check out this blog post!

This FREE Sight Word book is hosted on the BOOM Learning platform.  Students type in the sight word on each page and read the book as they go.  These are self-checking and fun for the students!  Check out this freebie!

  1. Strategies

Next, I think about what strategies my group of students needs to work on. Right now, I have many students reading Level B books and struggling with one to one matching and self-correcting known sight words. Before reading, I will model how to match one to one and discuss sight words. I also have some strategy activities in The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit.

  1. Comprehension

After students read their books independently, I like to have some sort of comprehension activity planned. Again, I use The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit. Many times we are working on story elements or retelling stories! Get these Fiction and Non-Fiction comprehension spinners HERE!

These comprehension spinners are such a fun activity to practice fiction and non-fiction comprehension skills!  Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers.  Come and get these spinners for free!

What now?

Now you are ready for your lessons! Keep notes on your Guided Reading Lesson Plans so it will help you better prepare for the next time you meet with your groups!

Don’t miss out on the FREE Guided Reading Binder and Fiction/Non-Fiction Comprehension Spinners! To learn more about The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit, check out this blogpost! I hope this helps you plan your guided reading lessons!

Want to learn how to plan a guided reading lesson?  These simple tips will help to make sure your groups are fun and efficient!  Check them out!


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