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I had a post last year around this time of the year about how my son was shaving his head for St. Baldrick’s to help raise money for Children’s Cancer Research.  You can check it out here.  

Our principal’s daughter Maddy was diagnosed with Leukemia in November of 2009.  After a three year battle, I am saddened to say that she passed away on January 8th of this year.  Maddy was and still is an inspiration to everyone she came in contact with.  Our school family has become very close over the past three years and it’s very difficult to watch such a wonderful girl and her family have to go through this…  If you would like to read about Maddy’s journey, you can check out her blog here.

We have a Relay for Life team that is composed mostly of school employees, Maddy’s family members, and some community members.  Last year we were the top team to raise money for Fulton’s County’s Relay for Life.  We are trying to keep that title so I was wondering what I could do to help… 

Last year, I donated half of my profits I made from my Easter Activities unit.  That was about $20:)  I would like to do the same thing only this year I have updated my Easter Activities and added many other activities to it that you can use in the month of March.

The unit includes 5 Literacy Activities and 5 Math Activities.  Here are some of the things that are included.

*ABC word sort (March words)

*Frames and Arrows (skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s)  There are 9 different worksheets.

*Coin Collection- These are word sorts for Long and Short Vowels.  Each includes a pocket sort and two different sorting activities- one shows pictures of long and short vowel words and the students have to listen for the difference.  The other sort is just the words and they need to “word attack” to sound them out and decide if they are long or short.  Here are some pictures of the ones that I did with the pictures.

We read the words together and then sorted them based on the sound.

*Compound Words- Match the rainbow with pot of gold.  Worksheet included.

*Game On- This activity is to go with March Madness.  The students have to solve problems with 2 and 3 addends.  Two worksheets are included.

*Read the Room Egg Hunt- there are two read the room activities.  One is for blends, digraphs, and short vowels.  The other is for long vowels.

*Egg Hunt- This is a board game.  There are two versions for play.  Students can either practice counting tally marks or base ten blocks or you could even mix the two together to practice both.

*Easter Time- This is an activity where the students each get their own bunny clock.  Laminate and they can draw cards and practice writing the time on the analog clock with a dry erase marker.

*Fill the Easter basket- This is a word sort for ir, ur, and er words.  A worksheet is provided.

I did some of these activities with my students last year and just “updated” them this year.  I also included some new ones that I am excited to use!

Please know that every purchase of this item will go to our Relay for Life Team.  I am hoping to raise a little more than $20 this year:)  Your support is greatly appreciated!  Say a prayer for Maddy’s family.


I also just added quarters to my Scoop It Up Freebie.  You can click on the picture to download all three games (I also added blackline copies to all of them).

and Shamrock Numbers- Greater Than/Less Than and sequencing…

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