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Last week we wrote our letters to Santa!  It was so much fun this year because I’m pretty sure ALL of my Firsties still believe.  Last year was hard because I had a few constantly telling the other that he wasn’t real.

The lesson took us 5 days… first we learned about how to write letters using the Smart Board.  He talked about the date, greeting, body, closing, and signature.  Here is a slide from the Notebook File.

After learning and talking about parts of a letter, we used a planning sheet to help us decide what we wanted to tell him.

Then we spent 2 days writing a rough draft together.  Here is a sample:

On the 4th day, we wrote our final copy.  Boy did work hard to make sure that Santa could read their writing.

On the last day, each student made their own Santa!  These are so much fun!  These are the ones that I made as a sample.  When the students made them, I used the black line copies so that they could color, cut, and glue their own.

Traditional Santa

Cooking Santa

Sleeping Santa

Farmer Santa

 Punk Rock Santa

 Summer Santa

We are mailing our letters to Santa tomorrow!  We actually send them over to the Middle School and students each write a letter back.  It’s great because it is personalized to each students.

I do have this for sale in my store!  It includes a PDF and a Notebook File for the Smart Board.  **You don’t have to have a Smart Board to purchase this product.  It’s just nice to project it onto the board.

Here’s a little FREEBIE for you for stopping by!  There are 4 different Christmas Cards!  There is a letter writing page that can be printed on the cards if you want it in letter format.  These go great after the students have learned how to write a letter to Santa!

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  • Such cute ideas! I think I will have my children make the cards and send them in my son's next box to share with his deployed unit. Add a candy cane and viola! Thank you.

  • Hi Jennie,
    This is such a great idea. I love that the activity a lesson in letter writing while also being very motivating for students. Who wouldn't want to write a letter to Santa. I bet the middle school students thoroughly enjoy this, too. Thanks for sharing your idea and thank you for the Christmas card FREEBIE!
    First Grade Schoolhouse


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