Stress Free Open House/Meet the Teacher Night


Do you feel like you are on a Merry Go Round during Open House / Meet the Teacher Night?  

It’s CRAZY!  22 families coming into your classroom (basically at the same time) and you feel like you just can’t talk to everyone the way you would like!  

Instead, you are giving the same instructions over and over and over again.  They leave and you can barely remembered your students, their families, and your classroom is now a disaster…

That is until now- last year I started doing “stations” during Open House.  Parents/students are given a checklist and they use the station signs around the room to help them know what they need to do!

I’m going to show you how I did it- but, guess what, all of the station cards are EDITABLE so you can change it up to meet your needs!

To check it out, you can click HERE or click any of the pictures on this post!

10 Stations- all station cards are editable

#1- Parents Sign in and take a Checklist (editable)

I put this at the front entrance of the door.  You want to make sure that it is VERY visible.  I had a couple of families miss it last year and I had to then show them.

#2- Supplies- 

Product includes supply labels so that you can have tubs for your community supplies such as kleenex, markers, crayons, Clorox, etc.

#3- Find Your Desk- 

Students find their desk and put the rest of their supplies in their desk.

#4- Meet the Teacher- 

Parents/students come and introduce themselves.  This gives you a few minutes to talk with the families. 

#5- Say Cheese- 

Use one of the cute signs included (preschool-4th grade) and take a picture of each child.  (Hint:  I also have a checklist handy with student names and I number them as I go so I know the order of the kids on my camera).

#6- Parties- 

Parents can sign up for parties.  We do a Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day party.  This form is editable so you can add the parties that you need.

#7- Transportation- 

Parents will let you know how their child is getting home each day so you are ready the first day.

#8- Facebook- 

We have a private Facebook Page so this station gives information about that page.  I have included a copy of our letter as a sample so you can make your own if you use Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Remind App, etc.

#9- First Day Letter- 

Parents write a short letter to their child for the first day of school.  They put it in their mailbox so they get it at the end of the day on their first day! (Hint: If I have parents that don’t show up for Open House, I write a short letter to any students who weren’t there that night.)

#10- Roam the Room- 

Parents/students can check out the room and say good-bye when before they leave.

I hope you are able to have a stress free night meeting your new students and their families!

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