Our First Writing Workshop Celebration!


I have been MIA for a couple of weeks!  Life is just too busy… I have so many things that I would love to share with you in my new classroom this year but finding the time is difficult.  

Did you ever notice how much your little ones feed off of everything you say??  Not sure if that really makes sense… but this is what I mean:

Day 1 of Writing Workshop I told the kids how much I just LOVE this time of the day.  I went on and on and on.  Now, if we don’t do our typical “writing workshop”, they are completely broken hearted- It is so cute!  This love for writing workshop has been going well.  We were writing personal narratives (small moment stories)  and then one day- BAM!  It was like writing workshop was just not very fun anymore- so I needed to intervene!

We needed a break from this type of writing and we needed to move on- but first it was time to celebrate!  We Are Authors- every one of us… is what I told them.  I don’t think that they really believed me.  UNTIL- I made the sign.  If it’s on a sign- it must be true!

Each student got to pick a picture from MelonHeadz cute little kids and then they wrote their name on the chart along with other famous authors like Laura Numeroff, Eric Litwin, and Eric Carle.

And then we made two circles (one boys and one girls) and they got to share their published piece of writing. (We published with a fancy title page).

Each student shared their book and then we had a “toast”.  Many of them had never heard of a “toast” before we talked about it.  And now it’s in the books- we are all authors over a cup of 7-up!

We are now starting to learn how to write All About Books.  Our first is going to be about Bats!  And now- writing workshop is back in full (excited) swing.  These kids are definitely going to keep me on my toes!


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