Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution STEM and Book Activities


Coming back after Christmas Break can be overwhelming!  I’m always excited to get back to school and have a schedule, but it can also be difficult!  One of my favorite New Year’s books is Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution!  I have created 7 different activities to go with this wonderful book written by Jan Miller.

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1.  Retelling Anchor Chart

Of course, we first read the story aloud and discuss what a New Year’s Resolution is and important events in the story.  Then, using a pocket chart (not pictured) we use Retelling Puzzle Pieces to sequence the story using story elements:  characters, setting, problem, events, and solution.

2.  Retelling Events Cut/Paste

I do this whole group and we refer to our Pocket Chart as well.  There are 11 main events in this story.  We read them and cut/glue them in order of the story!

3.  Retelling Bookmark and “Puppets”

I just LOVE using my retelling bookmark to help students with retelling!  You can find it HERE for free in my store!  We make puppets and then students partner up with each other to retell the story.  I have the pocket chart available for them to use if needed.  You can check out my BLOG POST about Retelling Stories HERE or check out my  RETELLING STORIES product.

4.  How to Plant a Garden Writing and Craft

Squirrel helps Mole and Turtle find a place to plant a garden.  This is just one way she helps her friends in Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution.  Students will make a carrot garden craft!  Then they will write a How To Plant a Garden informational writing.  There are 5 different layouts included!

5.  Squirrel’s New Year’s Party STEM

This is my favorite part!  Squirrel is going to have a New Year’s Eve Party, but she goes to buy party supplies and everything is sold out!  The students have to make decorations and party favors for her party!  I put students into groups and they have to decide what they are going to make for the party.  Some ideas might include:  Happy New Year sign, ball to drop, horns, party hats, invitations, and party “poppers”.  

After everything is made, you can have Squirrel’s party with your class!  You could always have some “bubbly” (7up) and a snack!

6.  My New Year’s Joke Book

My students absolutely love this!  It’s their very own joke book.  There are 10 jokes included.  We read our books to our friends and we discuss and practice reading fluently and with expression!  They can then take them home and read them to their families!

7.  Resolution Calendar

Lastly, I’ve made a calendar page where students can record specific things to help them obtain their New Year’s Resolution Goal.  There is one page where you can brainstorm together different ways of helping someone each day (like Squirrel) or there is a page where they can write their own goal.

Well, there it is!!!  This will keep you and your students learning while having some fun too!  You can check it out at my store by clicking any of the pictures or you can click HERE!

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