T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving STEM, Craft, and Retelling!


Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students about Thanksgiving? Look no further than T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey. This delightful book tells the story of a group of children who visit a turkey farm and learn all about how turkeys are raised. Not only is it a great way to introduce your students to some of the history and traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to incorporate some fun and hands-on learning activities. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

STEM Activity for T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving

The students get on the bus with their turkeys under their shirts, but the bus won’t start!  So, they have to find a way to get past Farmer Mack Nuggett.  They can go around him, under him, or over him!  Students will plan, build, test, and reflect on their idea!

Maybe students will build an underground tunnel to get past Farmer Mack Nuggett!

Retelling Activities

This book really lends itself to retelling or sequencing a story!  First, you can do this whole group using a pocket chart!  You can discuss characters, settings, events, problems, and solutions!  Then, you can have students cut/paste the events of the story using a simple worksheet.  Lastly, students can use this FREE retelling bookmark and puppets to practice retelling the story with a partner!

Just want the retelling bookmark?  You can download it free HERE!

Opinion Writing and Craft

Next, I have a fun opinion-writing activity!  In the story, the kids hide the turkeys under their shirts.  Make this craft (boy or girl) with a flap that has a turkey under the shirt!  Then, students write about if they would save or eat the turkey.

Disguise a Turkey

Looking for ideas for Disguise a Turkey? Check out these turkey disguises! This is a FREE product in my store that I also added to this book unit!  Do this as a family or classroom project! To learn more about it you can click HERE!


T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving is a delightful book that your students are sure to enjoy. Not only will they love hearing the story, but they’ll also get a kick out of learning about some of the different traditions associated with this holiday. So go ahead and add it to your lesson plans—you’ll be glad you did!


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