What are BOOM Cards and How to Use Them


I’ve been using BOOM cards for a couple of years now in my first-grade classroom.  I absolutely love how easy they are to use and that they are self-correcting.  A few ways that I have used them in my classroom are:

  • Centers (review skills)
  • Whole Group (during our main lessons)
  • Guided Reading (word work)
  • Fast Finishers
  • Distance Learning

What are BOOM Cards?

Boom cards are:

  • Digital Task Cards
  • Self-Grading
  • Hosted at boomlearning.com
  • Free to use as Fast Play
  • Paid version to get the grading option
  • fun and engaging

How to set up a BOOM account

Setting up an account is easy!  Here is a video that shows a quick start guide to getting started with Boom Learning!  You can check out their Youtube channel for all sorts of videos to help you get started with Boom Cards!  To learn more, go to their  Youtube Channel.

Types of Boom cards

There are 4 different activities that can be done with Boom Cards.  Some cards only have one type of activity and others may use several types of activities.

1. Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature, students will use their finger/mouse to move words/pictures etc. on the screen.  Here is a sample from one of my Sight Word Books using the drag and drop feature.  In this activity, students have to move the correctly spelled word “away” into the sentence.

2. Text Boxes

When using text boxes, students will type in an answer.  Here is another example from one of my Sight Word Books.  The students have to type in the word “look” on each slide.

3.  Clicking the Correct Answer 

In the above example, the students have to do more than one action.  They type in the word “look” and then they have to click on the correct picture.

4.  Multiple Choice

Cards can also have multiple choice answers.  Here is a sample of a multiple-choice task card. 

Are you ready to check out a deck?  Here is a FREE deck for you to try!

Looking to get the entire bundle of Sight Word BOOM Cards?  You can check them out here!


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